Q : Tell me your Check-in and Check-out times
A : Check-In: 15:00 – 22:00
Check-Out: ~ 10:00

  • ★Luggage storage is available before check-in/after check-out. Please refer to the luggage storage section below.
  • ★Please let us know in advance if your arrival time is expected to be later than 22:00, otherwise your reservation may be cancelled.
  • ★There are penalty charges for late check-outs.
    10:00 – 11:00 50% of the room charge on the day
    11:00 – 12:00 100% of the room charge on the day
Q : Is it possible to early check-in or late check-out?
A : I’m afraid we do not do early check-in or late check-out.
But we are more than happy to keep your luggage before check-in/after check-out.
For more details please refer to the luggage storage section below.
Q : Can you store my luggage before check-in/after check-out? Does it cost to do so?
A : Before Check-In (FREE): Staff are here 24/7 so feel free to come in and drop off your luggage anytime you like.
After Check-Out (FREE): It is free until the midnight of your check-out day.
Day after the check-out day (500 JPY/luggage/day): From the next day of your check-out day, it costs 500JPY/luggage/day to store your luggage.
Q : Can I use the shower before check-in/after check-out?
A : You can use the shared shower (body-soap and shampoo available) for 500 JPY.
Please note that cleaning takes place sometime between 10:00 and 16:00.
Q : When and how do I pay for the accommodation?
A : We request our guests with on-site payment reservations to complete the payment up on arrival (check-in).
We accept payments by cash and credit cards (VISA, Masters, AMEX, JCB, and Union Pay).

  • ★The price shown on your reservation is the total amount of the price including all the taxes.
  • ★For guests booking via Booking.com: For most of the times the reservations are on-site payment reservations, unless you specifically select to pay in advance with booking.com. We ask guests to fill in the details of credit cards even if it is an on-site payment reservation. This is simply to secure your reservation, not as a means of payment.
Q : Can we choose to pay before we arrive at the guesthouse?
A : We have 2 options for paying in advance. Please message us for details.
Bank transfer (It is a Japanese Bank – please incur the service charges)
Online payment using a credit card
Q : Can I send my luggage before arriving at the guesthouse? Can I send the luggage off from the guesthouse?
A : Sending to the guesthouse
Please write your reservation name and your check-in date as the recipient’s name.
We do not accept COD so please pay when you send off the luggage.
Delivery Service/Carry Service: If you are sending your luggage from Kyoto Station or from other accommodation in Kyoto City, these two carrier services may come in handy.
Sending from the guesthouse
We can send luggage off from the guesthouse using Yamato.
Please bring your luggage to Reception.
Q : Any amenities I can purchase at the guesthouse?
A : ・Rental Bath-towel: 200 JPY/each (100 JPY is deposit – when you bring back the towel we give you back 100 JPY)
・Face-towel: 100 JPY/each
・Slippers 100 JPY/pair
・Toothbrush: 50 JPY/each
・Razer 50 JPY/each
・Hair-brush 50 JPY/each
We also have an iron and a laptop for guest use.
Q : Do you have a car park? Or a place to park my bike?
A : There are no car parks at the guesthouse. Please use the coin-parking around the guesthouse.
Please message us if you wish to park your bikes.
Q : Is there a place to smoke?
A : All of our guest rooms are smoke-free. Smoking areas are outside on the staircase, located on each floor.
Q : Is there a laundry place I can use?
A : We have coin-laundries on the first floor.
Laundry: 300 JPY/wash (About 30 mins) The washing detergent comes out automatically.
Dryer: 100 JPY/30 mins (You may need more than 30 mins to fully dry your clothes).
There is also a place to hand your clothes up on the terrace.
Q : Do you have TVs?
A : There are no TVs at the guesthouse.
Q : Is breakfast included? How much is it?
A : We have very simple (bread, jam and butter only) breakfast for free.
The free drinks (coffee, tea) are available all day.
Q : Can children stay at the guesthouse?
A : Dormitory Rooms: Guests need to be 15 and over.
Private Rooms: No age limits.
Please note that a child aged 6 and over is counted as an adult.
A child aged 5 and under can share a bed with adults for free (1 child/bed).
We need a permission slip from a guardian if the guests are aged between 15 and 18 travelling without guardians. Please message us for details.
Q : Is there a curfew?
A : No curfews at the guesthouse.
Check-in needs to be done before 22:00 but no curfews after check-in.
Q : Can you reserve a restaurant?
A : Yes, we can reserve a restaurant as long as it does not require payment in advance.
Please note that the restaurant reservation needs to be during your stay at the guesthouse – so any time after check-in until check-out.
Please message us with the details below:
・Reservation name with the guesthouse
・Name of the restaurant
・Date (with few alternatives would be great)
・Time (with few alternatives would be great)
・Number of persons
・Course name/price if you have decided already
・Food allergies/dislikes you have