KAEDE GUESTHOUSE has many facilities and services.
Get on our rental bicycles and explore Kyoto, come relax with a cup of tea at the lobby area,
or try cooking Japanese food with your new friends you make at KAEDE GUESTHOUSE.

Rental space (terrace)

A multi purpose space on the rooftop with an exclusive view over Kyoto city.
This space can be used for BBQs or parties.
It is also open to the public, please contact us for the details.

  • ●Hours : 7:00am - 10:00pm
  • ●Number of seats : Max 30
  • ●BBQ equipment rental available
TEL : 075-344-8780 E-mail:Kaede.kyoto@gmail.com

Kitchen (2nd floor) - 7:00am - 10:30pm

Fully equipped with basic cooking devices.
There is a microwave/oven, refrigerators and freezers.
The kitchen can also be used for private functions. Please contact us for details.

TEL : 075-344-8780 E-mail:Kaede.kyoto@gmail.com

Laundry (1st floor) - 24 hours

  • ●3 washing machines(washing detergent comes out automatically) - ¥300(duration- about 30 minutes)
  • ●3 dryers - ¥100/30minues
  • ※Your washings may take more than 30 minutes to dry, especially during winter.
    You can also hang your washings at the terrace(24 hours)

Rental bicycles

Explore the city of Kyoto with our rental bicycles

  • ●Hours : Anytime - 5:00am
  • ●Price : ¥700/day + ¥1000 deposits
  • ※Please note that we only take reservations for rental bicycles in person, with the exchange of ¥1000 deposit.


  • ●Free WiFi
  • ●Lobby(3rd floor)-24hours
    Come relax or have a chat over a cup of tea.
    Free Drinks : coffee, tea, green tea, houjicha tea, oolong tea, water, hot water
    Kitchen : Small kitchen
    Reception : Friendly staff
  • ●Toilet
    4th floor - Male + Female
    3rd floor - Mixed
    2nd floor - Male + Female, hair-dryer
  • ●Shower Room(2nd floor)-24 hours
    Each shower space has a lock so you can have privacy while you take a shower.
    Shampoo and body soap set.
    Male - 4 showers
    Female - 6 showers
    1 bath tub